Sunday, September 19, 2010

Bojobo dolls

bojobo dolls 
What I am going to tell is the story of the weird looking dolls hanging in my car. All along I’ve been told that the gift from Saipan islands bring luck in love to the owner. Yesterday while I was cleaning, (yes, I am still cleaning after a week >,<) I found the card attached to the dolls when they were passed to me long ago. All the mist were cleared after I read the card. The dolls are actually Bojobo lucky dolls. This is what written in the card entitled Legend of the Saipan’s Bojobo Lucky Dolls, “my brother and I are the Bojobo. Long ago till this day we live in secrecy in the vines of Bojobo. Love, strength and riches (money) are our powers. Having faith in us can make you have it all. Cross our legs if you want our love, fold our arms for strength and tie our hands behind our back for riches (money). And once again, have faith. Hang us in a special place in your home where you can always see us. Remember, in our eyes, you’ll find love. Our Bojobo nuts give you our strength and coconut fibers which bond our arms and legs are for riches (money).” At the back of the card stated, made in Saipan. To those who don’t know where are Saipan island, it is located in USA. How did the place look like? Maybe I should start to plan a trip to Japan and from there to Saipan. 

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